How Millions Of Migrants Are Entering Europe

Is The EU To Blame For The Migrant Crisis?

Thousands of migrants are desperately trying to seek asylum in Europe, but getting there comes with deadly risks. So, what are the dangerous treks migrants are taking into Europe?

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FRONTEX: Migration Routes Maps

International Organization for Migration
“Missing Migrants Project is the only global database sharing key data on deceased and missing migrants around the world. This info-graphic focuses on migrant arrivals and fatalities in the Mediterranean region. #MissingMigrants”

Lesbos Turns From Vacation Island to ‘Main Point of Entry’ for Migrants
“Arabic has surpassed Greek as the dominant language on the streets of Mytilene, the main port town. The beaches are festooned with orange life jackets and deflated rafts abandoned by migrants who are choosing to take their first steps into Europe here, in ever-increasing numbers.”

For desperate refugees, ‘the smuggler’s room is over there’
“For many of the refugees and migrants streaming toward Europe, the most critical and dangerous leg of their journey begins in this Turkish port city, and with a visit to a smuggler such as the one who runs his business out of a small hotel tucked at the end of a narrow alley.”
The Global Refugee Crisis, Region by Region
“Masses of migrants and refugees, many from Syria, Afghanistan and Kosovo, have been overwhelming border authorities in several Balkan countries as they try to reach Western Europe.”

Germany says it could take 500,000 refugees a year
“Germany could take 500,000 refugees each year for “several years”, the country’s vice-chancellor, Sigmar Gabriel, has said, as fresh clashes broke out overnight between police and refugees on the Greek island of Lesbos and thousands of people gathered amid chaotic scenes on the Greek border with Macedonia.”

UNHCR: The UN Refugee Agency

Disclosure: figures in video are based on approximation

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