How ISIS Captured An American Hostage


Kayla Mueller died in Syria while being held hostage by ISIS. She was one of the many people who have been captured by ISIS while in the Middle East. So what happened? And how did a young woman doing humanitarian work end up dying at the hand of terrorists?

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Portrait of Kayla Mueller emerges after death confirmation
“After being guarded closely for 18 months by family and friends, a powerful secret dissolved in a moment, setting free a fuller picture of the humanitarian, friend and human being that was 26-year-old Kayla Mueller.”

McCain Speaks Out About Kayla Mueller Saga
“Sen. John McCain said Friday that he considers the death of American Kayla Mueller by Islamic State militants one of the saddest moments of his life as he looked back on his work in trying to secure her freedom and the government’s policy of not paying ransom to terrorists.”

Blog dedicated to the life of Kayla Mueller, including letter she sent to her family while being held hostage by ISIS

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