How Invasive Is China’s Mass Surveillance?

How China Is Forcing Citizens To Love The Government


China’s government maintains a tight grip on citizens by closely monitoring their activity. But, how invasive is China’s mass surveillance?

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China Tightens Censorship of Electronic Communications
“If anyone wonders whether the Chinese government has tightened its grip on electronic communications since protests began engulfing the Arab world, Shakespeare may prove instructive.”

In China, Beware: A Camera May Be Watching You
“China is becoming a surveillance state. In recent years, the government has installed more than 20 million cameras across a country where a decade ago there weren’t many.”

ACLU: Orwellian Citizen Score, China’s credit score system, is a warning for Americans
“Gamer? Strike. Bad-mouthed the government in comments on social media? Strike.”

China ’employs 2 million to police internet’
“China has around two million people policing public opinion online, according to a state media report that sheds light on the country’s secretive internet surveillance operations.”

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