How Food Can Be Used As A Political Weapon


Considered by the UN as a human right, food, like water, can be a powerful bargaining tool for people and governments alike. So, just how powerful is food?

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Agricultural trade in 2013: EU gains in commodity exports
“With agri-food exports reaching €120 billion in 2013, the EU28 became the world’s number one exporter of agricultural and food products.”

The World of Corn
“When it comes to making an impression, no other crop tells a story as compelling as corn.”

Russian food embargo leaves Europe with glut of fruit, pork and mackerel
“A glut of French pears, warehouses full of German sausage, rotting Polish peppers and unwanted Scottish mackerel: Russia’s move to ban European food imports in retaliation for EU sanctions is having a telling effect across a continent already slouching towards another recession.”

Lessons of the Grain Embargo
“The urge to teach someone a lesson seldom inspires sound policy. ”

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Could Climate Change Cause A Chocolate Apocalypse?

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