How Does Extradition Work?


Seven FIFA officials were arrested in Switzerland on US corruption charges, the US is trying to extradite them for prosecution. So how does extradition work?

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International Extradition And Related Matters
“International extradition is the formal process by which a person found in one country is surrendered to another country for trial or punishment.”

Overcoming Legal Challenges in Extradition
“Extradition, the formal process by which an individual is restored to the competent judicial authority seeking to exercise in personam jurisdiction over the subject, is a process generally based upon treaty relations, comity or reciprocity.”

The obligation to extradite or prosecute; Final Report of the International Law Commission
“This report is intended to summarize and to highlight particular aspects of the work of the Commission on the topic ‘The obligation to extradite or prosecute (aut dedere aut judicare)’, in order to assist States in this matter.”

A staggering map of the 54 countries that reportedly participated in the CIA’s rendition program
“After Sept. 11, 2001, the CIA launched a program of “extraordinary rendition” to handle terrorism suspects. ”

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