How Did Ted Cruz Win Colorado Without Any Votes?

Can A Brokered Convention Stop Trump?
What’s The Difference Between A Caucus And A Primary? <a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>

Donald Trump is furious after losing Colorado’s 34 delegates to Ted Cruz. So how did Cruz win Colorado’s delegates without a public vote?

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Angry Donald Trump blasts Colorado GOP results as “totally unfair”
“A day after being trounced by Sen. Ted Cruz in Colorado, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump blasted the state party’s process for selecting national delegates and called into question the results.”


Why North Dakota GOP voters don’t vote in the presidential nomination process
“North Dakota Republicans have not had and will not hold a primary or a caucus. The delegates selected in Fargo this weekend will be chosen by a small handful of party insiders, as opposed to voters.”

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