How Dangerous Are Pirates?

What Is Al-Shabaab?

In recent years, piracy resurged with over 140 hostages taken by pirates in the first three months of 2015. So we wanted to know, how dangerous are pirates?

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UNOSAT Global Report on Maritime Piracy
“This global report on maritime piracy has identified several important trends related to maritime security.”

United States Counter Piracy and Maritime Security Action Plan
“Presidential Policy Directive 18 (PPD-18)1 established United States Government policy on Maritime Security and provided for the development of scalable, flexible frameworks on specific maritime issues to guide and clarify roles and responsibilities for strategic goals of the United States.”

One coastal tanker hijacked every two weeks in South East Asia
“A small coastal tanker is hijacked by pirates in South East Asia every two weeks on average, a report from the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) International Maritime Bureau (IMB) has revealed.”

The Economic Cost of Somali Piracy 2011
“This report is One Earth Future Foundation’s (OEF) second assessment of the Economic Cost of Piracy. It estimates that Somali piracy cost between $6.6 and $6.9 billion in 2011.”

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What Is Al-Shabaab And What Do They Want In East Africa?

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