How 15 Year Old Deez Nuts is Running For President

Why People Love Bernie Sanders

Running for president in the U.S. is so easy, even Deez Nuts can do it. So, who is the 15-year-old candidate punking America, and how is he posting such impressive numbers in the polls?

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Federal Election Commission: 2016 Presidential Form 2 Filers

FEC Form 2: Statement of Candidacy

Presidential Sensation Deez Nuts Is a 15-Year-Old Iowa Farm Boy
“The candidate polling at 9 percent in North Carolina against Trump and Clinton isn’t a real person. But Brady Olson, who gamed the FEC filing system, certainly is.”

Meet ‘Deez Nuts,’ the Teen Presidential Candidate Punking America
“News broke this week that an independent presidential candidate going by the name of “Deez Nuts” is polling at 9 percent in the latest PPP poll from North Carolina — after posting similar numbers in PPP polls of Minnesota (8 percent) and Iowa (7 percent).”

How to run for president, in 4 easy steps
“You, like most Americans, probably plan to run for president. You have plenty of time, theoretically; the general election is still 22 months away and even if you plan to seek the nomination of one of the major parties, those don’t kick off until January.”

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