History of Giants Repressed By Modern Science W/Kristan T. Harris on UK’s Morris show

I was on the Morris show from the UK discussing giant human remains and the giant cover-up! We went over some great things! First I want to clarify some definitions most people mix up.

Who were the Rephaim and what are their characteristics?
Historic and religious texts describe the Rephaim as an ancient race of giants or offspring of the nephilim.

The 200 Nephilim who allegedly colonized this planet and mated with earth women as the books of Enoch and the book of Giants suggest are alien and more in the image of man. Their offspring became mighty giants and men of renown. These are the Rephaim.

We cover cities under water, giants, rephaim, Nephilim, secret societies, London giants, science, evidence, library of congress and many other cool things in under 12 minute! check it out!

I suggest you read the books of Enoch and the book of Giants to begin your quest for truth. Although these are religious text its important to understand that some truth may live in these ancient books.

Use this library of congress link

Kristan T. Harris Giantologist, Researcher and Journalist for the Rundown Live.

Here are your london Giants

Gog and Magog are the “protectors” of the City of London!!