Hillary To Flood The U.S. With ISIS

What does the Disgusting DNC and a French Priest killed by ISIS have in common? Plenty.

While performing Morning Mass Jacques Hamel, A Catholic Priest and two nuns were held hostage for roughly an hour and viciously attacked in a Church in Normandy, France. The two attackers, one of them followed by police for over a year and a half, brutally slit the Priest’s throat and seriously injured the nun. As the Telegraph reports, both of the attackers shouted “ Daesh”, which is the actual name for ISIS, ISIL, IS or whatever it is the mind controlling politicians would have us call it.

And right on schedule, French President Hollande offered more vague statements about declaring war on terrorism saying as the Daily Mail reports “Today we must be aware that the terrorists will not give up as long as we don’t stop them. That’s our will and that’s what we are doing tirelessly.” While Marine Le Pen, President of The far-right National Party of France observed “The responsibility of all those who have governed us for 30 years is immense. To watch them talking is revolting!”

This attack follows the Bastille Day horror in Nice, France. Clearly France is under attack as is Germany after a recent wave of jihad attacks in Bavaria.

But German Chancellor Angela Merkel will hear none of that as Bloomberg reported “…Government spokeswoman Ulrike Demmer told reporters on Monday. The four assaults don’t offer a “clear picture” about motives, Demmer said.”There is a rising nervousness among our public,” Mayer, who sits on parliament’s internal affairs committee, told BBC Radio on Monday. “You have to differentiate — the events of Friday have nothing to do with our refugee policy. It is completely wrong to blame Angela Merkel and her refugee policy for this incident.”

But there wasn’t one mention of Radical Jihadist Terrorism during the first day of the DNC. In fact, Hillary’s running mate TPP supporting Tim Kaine declared in Spanish in an interview with Telemundo that illegal immigrants would be legalized within the first 100 days of Hillary’s reign. While, as Breitbart reported, Hillary plans on admitting 420,000 Syrian refugees during her first term, expanding Unconstitutional Executive Amnesty, dissolving the U.S. borders, freezing deportations, closing detention centers and giving a full path to citizenship and obamacare to illegal immigrants. Far surpassing the chaos Obama has already introduced to the United States. Hillary wants to one up Angela Merkel to impress her globalist masters, screw the American people.

Anyone can see that it is the immigration policy of Merkel that has brought the recent horror down on Europe. And the only solution is to immediately stop the flow of migration and begin the monumental process of mass deportation. This is a jihad by immigration or Al-Hijra, as it is known by Muslims. Who in their right mind would allow a hostile enemy to move their soldiers and their families into their country? Now is it crystal clear why there was NO mention of ISIS at the first night of the Democratic National Convention?


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