Hillary, Pope Rant about Fake News “Epidemic”: They Mean OUR Independent Media

When Hillary Clinton and the Pope both go in ranting about this term that didn’t even exist a few months ago, you know we’ve struck a nerve.

It seems like they’ve had a trick up their sleeves: a “conspiracy theorist-esque,” broad, sweeping slur called “fake news.” Something we did caused them to unleash this. It must have been up their sleeves, ready for deployment at any time, because so many different mainstream media outlets and high profile people started saying this at once.

But who do they refer to when they say “fake news?” They refer directly to us: our friends at Activist Post, the Free Thought Project, the Corbett Report, ect. Make no mistake, we are some of the largest and most effectively critical alternative media websites on the internet (not quite Era of Wisdom yet but we’re getting there)

This is a testament to our effectiveness, our on point direction, and just how desperate the powers that be are.

Sources: http://www.eraofwisdom.org/hillary-pope-rant-fake-news-epidemic-mean-independent-media-marks-new-era/