Highway Patrol To Conduct “No Refusal” Forced Blood Draw Checkpoint

Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live

The Tennessee Highway Patrol will conduct a “no refusal” checkpoint this Labor Day weekend.

The “no refusal” means that if a driver is pulled over for suspected drinking and driving they cannot refuse to take a blood test. This will allow police to acquire a warrant to collect blood samples on the spot.

It goes into effect at Midnight Friday, Aug. 29 and will end Midnight Monday, Sept. 1.

Officials claim there will be driver’s license, sobriety and seatbelt checkpoints, as well as saturation patrols and bar and tavern checks according to ABC.

“Our district captains have created enforcement plans specific to their regions. So, there will be a variety of specialized enforcement during Labor Day, including distracted driving, commercial vehicle safety, and Move Over enforcement, for example. However, the priority is always on impaired driving and seatbelt enforcement,” Trott said.

Troopers will partake in unconstitutional “no refusal” blood draws in the following counties: Union, Hamilton, Marion, Montgomery, Shelby, Hawkins, Smith, Maury and Hardin.