HD Video from Space “Can View Economic Activity”

ISS Earth

Mike Paczesny | The Rundown Live

Footage, from Skybox Imaging‘s SkySat-1 micro-satellite, is from the world’s first commercially available, daily HD video satellite system.

John Clark of SkyBox said,Businesses can, for the first time, monitor a network of globally distributed assets with full-motion snapshots without needing to deploy an aircraft or field team. The movement captured in these short video windows, up to 90 seconds in length, yields unique insights that improve operational decisions.”

The Skybox vision is to leverage timely satellite data to provide insight into daily global activity. Such data has wide value in industries such as agriculture, asset monitoring, security, supply chain management and more.

Digital cartographers are using the new source of geo spatial data.Screen Shot 2014 03 07 at 11.26.51 AM

No one outside the military has ever been able to access data like this.

The spying implications are massive as one could follow individuals from space.

SkySat-1 is possibly the highest performance micro-satellite yet. Systems can capture data of high enough resolution to show economic activity.

SkySat is about the size of a phone book and consumes less power than a 100w light bulb.

Skybox is taking off as it sells its full-motion video and imagery systems.

SkyNode ground stations are in development in various countries. The company is planning to build 24 satellites that can cover almost the entire expanse of the Earth.

Welcome to the future.

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