Hawaii Bans GMO’s: Mayor Kenoi Signs Bill 113 Draft 3


The Rundown Live | Kristan T. Harris

In the ongoing battle to take the poison out of our food, the state of Hawaii has banned Genetically Modified Organisms, also known as GMOs.  The longest running studies on GMOs have shown results linking them to greatly shortening life and increasing your risk of cancer. The people of Hawaii voiced their concerns, forcing the Hawaii County Council to draft and dispatched Bill 113 Draft 3 to Mayor William P. Kenoi.

The new bill states they will not allow propagation, open air cultivation or any expansion of genetically engineered products.

The new bill holds a stiff fine for violators. Violators will be charged $1000 per day, per location. The stiff fine is not all that violators will be responsible for. Hawaii will not burden the tax payer for costs involved for violators. In inclusion to the daily fines, violators will subsequently be held accountable for costs of investigation, court and legal costs, damage caused to non-genetically engineered crops, plants, neighboring properties and water sources.

On December 5th, 2013 Mayor Kenoi signed the bill into law.

In a letter from Mayor Kenoi (attached below) he went on to say. (say:)

“Today our communities expect that government will be as cautious as possible in protecting our food and water supplies. We all want to minimize impacts to the environment while also producing abundant, affordable food for local consumption. This ordinance expresses the desires and demands of our community for a safe, sustainable agricultural sector that can help feed our people while keeping our precious island productive and healthy.”

This affect Monsanto’s wallet. Mexico earlier this year banned GMO’s as well.

Monsanto is the largest producer of GMO’s and could be the best example of crony capitalism. In Novemeber, I wrote an article about a judge who ruled raw milk illegal in Wisconsin and now conveniently works for a Monsanto law firm. This process seems to be common all through out Monsanto’s history.

Following the money: Eugenicists Bill Gates and George Soros own majority of shares of Monsanto. Eugenics is a pseudoscience that has roots in depopulation ( murder) and racial cleansing.


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You may download the documents here.