Harvard to Host ‘Reenactment’ of Satanic Mass

Mike Paczesny | The Rundown Live

Satanic Black Mass ‘Reenactment’ Set For Harvard University on May 12

A flyer with a Satanic figure standing on an altar was posted at the Harvard campus announcing the event.

It states that the Harvard Extension Cultural Studies Club is hosting “a reenactment of a satanic black mass performed by The Satanic Temple ** with commentary and historical context **

A Satanic Black Mass reenactment is scheduled to take place at Harvard University on May 12, performed by The Satanic Temple.

From CNSNews.comSatanic Black Mass ‘Reenactment’ Set For Harvard University on May 12

A non-consecrated communion host will be used in the reenactment, according to Lucien Greaves, spokesman for The Satanic Temple.

“While Black Masses are supposed to utilize a consecrated host, ours is merely representative of a consecrated host,” Greaves told CNSNews.com. “It is not consecrated. We neither believe in nor invoke the supernatural.”

“To us, the Black Mass is an amalgamation that developed through time based on witch-hunting fears and later adopted by some as a declaration of personal Independence against what they felt to be the stifling authority of the church,” said Greaves.

The Satanic Temple is the same group that is trying to have a Baphomet statue placed on the grounds of the Oklahoma State Capitol.

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