Hacker Attacks Family Cable Box, Types Weird Messages

Mike Paczesny | The Rundown Live25754053-sf

A family is being terrorized by their cable box.

For the last week, personal and harassing messages are showing up on their TVs.

Someone has taken control of her AT&T cable box and typing messages on two of her TVs.

The family showed us a few. One wrote: ‘ISEEYOUHAHA’.

Some threatened to hurt the 9-year-old granddaughter.

News cameras were rolling when the hacker struck, typing FOX59 on the screen.

Fred Cate, research director for  the Indiana University Center for Applied Cybersecurity said the following,

It’s astonishing. It’s spooky because there aren’t a lot of ways you can get into someone’s cable box, The most common ways would be using a remote control, an infrared device, but that’s line of sight. You usually have to be in the room or within a close distance and clear vision to the box you’re changing the channel on or doing the typing on.”

Whoever did this has had to have had physical access to the apartment (or the area outside the apartment window) at some time or another, That access could have been as little as sticking an LED-like bulb through a ceiling or wall or in a light fixture. The LED-like bulb must have a power source; it has to be plugged in or have a connected battery pack somewhere nearby.”

AT&T released a statement: “We take security seriously and we are working with the customer to determine the cause and remedy of the situation.