Video Shows Americans Don’t Know Why We Celebrate Independence Day

The Rundown Live 8pm Central Time | Milwaukee’s Alternative Free Press News
Kristan T. Harris | July 1. 2013 | 1:20pm

In a video of disgust and gut wrenching reality random Americans do not know why we celebrate the 4th of July. What is even more creepy is how zombie like these people are. Ask yourself why is it that Americans can not answer simple 4th of July questions.

It could be all the medication people in america are on. It could be the fluoride that’s been proven to lower your IQ. Could it be our educational system?  So how do we fix this problem?

Look no further than the Federal dept of education. You know the one! The one who teaches your kids what to think instead of how to think. Private education out performs public education at about half the cost. I suggest we get rid of the Federal Dept of Education and return these powers to the state and local levels. That would be a great start.

Watch in horror as Americans can not answer why we celebrate the 4th of July! Just remember those who do not know their history are doomed to repeat it.


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  • Susan K.

    This is the pier where I live. Those are all tourists, from Arizona. Except the stoned guy with the dreads, I’m sure that he’s a local.