The growing push to track your location

(CNN) — Sure, the GPS on your phone or dedicated device can get you from Point A to Point B on the interstate, frustrating “Calibrating … calibrating …” moments aside.

But a new move in mobile tech is seeing startups who want to help you find the store you’re looking for in the mall, turn around when you’re getting further from your terminal at the airport or figure out where your friends are in an expansive convention hall.

And the big guys of the tech world are taking notice.

Apple has bought a company called WiFiSLAM, a 2-year-old Silicon Valley-based startup focused on indoor GPS, the company has confirmed to the Wall Street Journal and other outlets. The reported price was $20 million.

That move makes sense for Apple, which in the last year has attempted, with varying degrees of success, to go head-to-head with rival Google in the mapping space.

The last several versions of Google Maps have included indoor navigation, at least for locations that have been mapped by the computing giant on its expansive database. Google says it has mapped more than 10,000 buildings in 13 countries.




No one wants to be stranded in some remote area because no one likes to see their iPhone rendering “no signal” icon on its screen. Seriously, that could be the worst nightmare for anyone. Worry not, though, because with the recent release of Thuraya Sat Sleeve case from Thuraya Telecommunications, your iPhone will always be able to reach the outer world, no matter where on earth you’re grounded.

Thuraya Sat Sleeve adds Satellite Connectivity to iPhone

In a nutshell, Thuraya Sat Sleeve is a case whose main functionality is connecting your iPhone to the company’s satellite network. Sounds awesome, right? But this specialty is at the cost of its look. As soon as you wrap your handset with this case, you’re going to find it almost similar to old chunky cell phone with an antenna on its top. Put it simply, your iPhone will look like a device form the 90s.

Given that wall outlet is not something you can easily find on remote areas, Thuraya Sat Sleeve is equipped with a 2,400mAh battery. At the back is an emergency button which will dial a particular number as soon as you push it. There is an app which allows you to set this up. According to the company, as soon as your iPhone is connected to the network, you can both receive and make a phone call in almost all areas in Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia Pacific, Central Asia, and also Australia. Don’t get too carried away, though, because a few minutes of talk time can result in a whopping amount of bill.