Greenwald to Reveal Who NSA is Targeting within 8 Weeks

Mike Paczesny | The Rundown Live

In an interview with Stephen Colbert, journalist Glenn Greenwald said that he’s working on a story that will have the “biggest impact” on the surveillance state.

Greenwald plans to reveal targets of spying by the National Security Agency in America.

I genuinely believe that the story that’s the biggest one, that will make the biggest impact and will shape how the events of the last 10 months will be viewed by history is the story on which we’re currently working that hopefully will be ready in four to eight weeks,” Greenwald told Colbert.

Who are they targeting, for what purposes? Who are these people that they are declaring to be sufficient threats that it warrants reading their e-mails? And what is the pattern of people that they’ve targeted? Are these political dissidents, are they critics of U.S. foreign policy, are they actual terrorists? And that’s the reporting that needs to be done?”

When Colbert asked whether it’s “good news,” Greenwald says there are “some really interesting revelations in there.”

As the interview ends, Colbert jokingly tells Greenwald “Have someone else start your car for awhile.”