Gray State production update – 5 March 2013

On the morning of March 5th, the Gray State team and a few local volunteers hit the road at 4am (only 12 hours after returning from our 5-day Oklahoma trip) to shoot a scene in a snowstorm.

Here is a peek at what we did. This footage, along with the other great stuff we got in OK, will be used for the next string of Gray State promotional videos when we’re finally ready for the major push into production.


We cograystatempleted a busy week attending OP:ESR19 in Oklahoma, spreading the word, and shooting scenes. The script has been under review by about 50 professionals in various fields, and in the next week we will be hitting their feedback until the script has been polished into the best it can possibly be. Then, through coordination and collaboration with the HUNDREDS of interested agencies, individuals and studios we’ve been in contact with the past 6 months, we’ll push into production.

In addition to this, the Gray State documentary will be finished and hopefully receive international distribution, and we will coordinate a press release that will project us into the national spotlight.

As always – you guys are the best, and continue to support our efforts through this long and tedious process! Your patience will not be in vain, and when it’s over you’ll have far more than just a film to watch.


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As promised, here’s the update video from yesterday’s shoot!

Again, thanks to Lakonian BladeCraft!