Government Denial Of Healthcare During “Government Shutdown” Is Best Case Against Obamacare


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Kristan T. Harris | October 2nd, 2013 | 11:53 Am


Do you want the government handling your healthcare decisions? What happens if the government runs out of  “Obamacare” funds? Will the government shutdown healthcare treatment facilities if the funds are not there? The answer is a loud yes. ABC news reports that the government shutdown prevented kids with cancer from getting treatment. If they are denying people now during a “government shutdown” of healthcare treatment what would happen during a prolonged shutdown? I can’t imagine it would be long until someone will suggest  “Panels”  To decide who will or will not get treatment. They will decide who lives and who dies simply because we can not afford to treat everyone.

tcfkgIf Obamacare runs out of funds the president has what you would call “quality-and-cost-related” options to draw from in ObamaCare.  These options are the  Independent Payment Advisory Board(IPAB) and the Accountable Care Organizations(ACOs).

IPAB is a panel of 15 independent experts, appointed by the president and confirmed by the Senate, who will recommend cuts to Medicare if the program exceeds designated spending levels. Now lets stop and look at Congress with a 12% approval rating. You want the government deciding what treatments you can and can not have? This will dub IPAB the “death panel” because cutting reimbursements to doctors and drug companies (and hospitals and nursing homes in the future) will effectively decide who will get coverage and what type of treatments you will be allowed.

Even Newsweek is pushing the case for killing granny.

If you think I’m paranoid just remember. It was us “paranoid” people who read the Patriot Act and warned of camera’s on the street corners, recording of all phone calls and drones in the sky.


Do we really want a government that is shutting down treatment facilities during a “Government Shutdown” to handle our healthcare?

How many more government shutdowns can we look forward to since we are 17 trillion dollars in debt?

Will others be denied treatment?

Do you really want the government managing your healthcare?