Stand Your Ground Keeps Citizens Safe, Lawmakers Want it gone



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Kristan T. Harris | August 02 2013 | 10:13 pm

Government officials push to prevent Detroit citizens from protecting themselves by trying to end the “Stand Your Grouud”  law Fox 2 Detroit reports. One local man below explains how it saved him in this very dangerous city.  Why would we prevent people from being able to protect themselves in a dangerous city? Is this not a common sense law?

“I got out of the vehicle to go inside to pay for gas,” he said. “I turned back and looked, and he was already in the driver’s seat of my vehicle.”

“He turned around and looked and [saw] that I was still standing there, and that’s when he reached in his pocket to pull out his weapon. And I pulled out my weapon, and I fired one shot. And he took off in my vehicle.”

His ride was wrecked, the carjacker was dead, and Standberry was arrested. He was never charged with a crime, and he said it’s thanks to “stand your ground”.

I will let you decide watch the link below.