Gov. Scott Walker Signs Gun Confiscation Law Under Cloak of Domestic Abuse

Koerri Washington | The Rundown LiveScott Walker gun finger

Wisconsin’s governor Scott Walker passed three new laws, addressing domestic violence. The laws include a mandate that police track the incidents where no arrests are made when dealing with a domestic-disturbance call.

The laws also make it very clear that there will be a process for seizing an “abuser’s” guns.

This section of the law was proposed by Republican Rep. Andre Jacque of De Pere, and also requires district attorneys to report to the Wisconsin Department of Justice each time a cop responds to a domestic abuse call and doesn’t arrest anyone.

Republican Rep. Garey Bies proposed in the third law passed, that people subject to a domestic-abuse injunction must fill out a form to document, and then surrender their weapons. When the individuals injunction expires, they would have to request them back in writing.

This is one more big step toward trying to make sure that for every gun you take away, it’s that much better for (a victim, their) family and friends and loved ones who care about that person,” Walker said.

These extreme measures are being put forth equipped with a sob story of a tragic incident involving a deadly case of domestic abuse.Are these measure going to help domestic violence? Probably not but it will help disarm the population.

The governor signed 55 other bills at the state capitol , one measure prohibits people from advertising their children for adoption online, while another legalizes the use of marijuana byproduct cannabidiol to treat children’s seizures.

Other bills of note allow University of Wisconsin System researchers to perform classified national security work in campus facilities, give county jailors more authority to strip search inmates, and legalize nonprofits’ rubber-duck race fundraisers. The state Justice Department has warned such races amount to illegal gambling.