Glenn Greenwald and Iraq Vet Paul Rieckhoff Blow Up Over Snowden Leaks on Bill Maher Show

Mike Paczesny | The Rundown Live

Glenn Greenwald made an appearance on Bill Maher’s show, and things got interesting when Paul Rieckhoff Veteran of America founder questioned Ed Snowden’s motive.

It became a shouting match over whether or not the country was damaged by the leaks.

Maher even brings up former National Director of Security Richard Clark recent appearance on the show stating how “he revealed things he wasn’t supposed to reveal, and it only helps people like Putin and the terrorists.”

Rieckhoff was bothered by the fact that Snowden’s “hiding in Russia.”

Greenwald replied, “That is total bullshit!” They fought over why Snowden had to flee and the “systematic attack on whistleblowers” in the United States.

Rieckhoff shouted, “How do you know the information he revealed did not cost American lives?”

They kept going back-and-forth over what Snowden did, with Greenwald asking, “So we’re just supposed to take the government’s word?

Rieckhoff responded, “And we’re supposed to take your word?”