General Mills to Start Labeling GMO’s Nationwide, Doubles Organics

Do You Have a Right to Know What is in Your Food?

Kristan T. Harris | American Intelligence Report

General Mills has decided to start labeling ingredients that are genetically modified (GMO) within their products nationwide, Star Tribune reports.

“We can’t label our products for only one state without significantly driving up costs for our consumers, and we simply won’t do that,” Jeff Harmening, head of General Mills’ U.S. retail operations said in a post on a company blog Friday. “The result: Consumers all over the country will soon begin seeing words legislated by the state of Vermont on the labels of many of their favorite General Mills food products.”
The company also stated they will be “doubling” production in “organic acres.”

In 2015 General Mills “sourced from 120,000 organic acres, Organic-farmland-featured-700x350and we expect to be sourcing from 250,000 acres by 2019.”

With the growing demand in organics the company has realized it needs to harvest more organic ingredients.

“Consumer interest in organic is growing, which means we will need more organic ingredients to make our products.”

General Mills acknowledged the correlation between the GMO labeling and intentions to be more organic on their blog. “Today’s announcement is directly related to the anticipated net sales growth we expect for our natural and organic business.”



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