Fukushima Fish To Hit Local Markets After Radiation Leaks Reach Deadly New High

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Kristan T. Harris | September 26, 2013 | 4:13 pm


Earlier this year the  Japanese government began to brainwash victims of Fukushima radiation poisoning into believing if they  simply “smile” radiation will not harm them“. Fish caught off the coast of Fukushima are being sold at local markets after test-catches resumed, following a suspension over concerns of radioactive water leaks. This is coming after UK Guardian reported, on Sept. 4th,  that Fukushima radiation leaks have reached a deadly new high.

In America we see the same kind of madness. Washington’s Blog and even Forbes  reported that the DOD wants to sell piles of nuclear scrap metal to be made into silverware. Don’t worry we can take all the radiation out. Lets not forget the FDA is not checking fish inbound from the Pacific for radiation stating “there is no need to test Pacific fish for radioactivity“. Pretty soon we will be asked to just smile…

New business idea? Geiger counters in the grocery store? 🙂