Poll: 92% In Favor Of Complete Legalization of Marijuana In Wisconsin


Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live

Microsoft Word - MLSP18Toplines.docxIn a statewide poll taken at the end of October in 2013  by the Marquette University Law School showed that 49.7 % of Wisconsin’s registered voters are ready for full legalization of cannabis with only 44.9 percent opposed and 4.7 unsure or felt they needed to be better educated. In the same poll, 80% of Wisconsin citizens are in favor of allowing medicinal use of cannabis in Wisconsin.

Recently, Wisconsin State Assembly representative Melissa Sargent has introduced legislation piece LRB 3671 which would legalize marijuana for recreational and medicinal purposes in Wisconsin. She currently has support from 6 other representatives.

On March 2nd, Milwaukee’s Fox 6 news posted an online poll asking “Should marijuana be legalized in Wisconsin?“.  The online poll has attracted much local attention with a sampling of at least 19,000 online readers. The ongoing poll shows 92% have voted in favor of complete legalization of Marijuana in Wisconsin. (see below) Online polls are often inaccurate for a number of reasons and uncontrollable variables. However, one can not deny a sampling size of this proportion on a conservative news television station and the lack of resistance expressing establishment conservative viewpoints.

Is the conservative viewpoint on marijuana changing? Michael Murphy, libertarian leaning Republican chair of Milwaukee’s South Branch spoke in favor of legalizing cannabis in Wisconsin on the Rundown Live.  How are more courts, more prisons  “conservative” or  less government? The private prison system has become to lucrative and is now demanding a 90% incarceration  madates from states nationwide. Legal slavery for corporations. Judges are then pressured to keep prisons packed at 90% capacity. Is this an honorable judiciary system?  Some judges are even resorting to texting prosecuting attorneys on how to defeat defendants in court.

Prison is not the solution for people with an addiction. We treat alcoholics very differently. Drug addicts need rehabilitation, not a prison sentence on taxpayer dollars. Drugs are easily available in prison, so we can never cure the problem of their addiction often leading to a life of crime.

 Sheriff Richard Mack joined The Rundown live and said the “War on Drugs” is a failure.