Former Drill Instructor Cop Confiscates Cell Phone Video to Hide Behavior

Mike Paczesny | The Rundown Live

Cell phone video from Onslow County, North Carolina shows a deputy confiscating multiple phones to hide her behavior.

The deputy was called out over a dispute between neighbors over their dogs, the homeowner began getting angry and recording the deputy with his cell phone.

According to police reports, a deputy was called out over a dispute between neighbors about when each person’s dogs could be outside.

The deputy asked him to put his phone down, but he continued to record.

The man was eventually handcuffed and placed in the deputy’s car.

He felt the deputy had no legal right to handcuff him if he wasn’t user arrest. He also explained why he brought out the cellphone in the first place.

When the situation escalated, I felt threatened, so I wanted to get a record for my safety, and that’s the reason the cellphone came out,” said Carlos Jaramillo.

According to PINAC the deputy was a drill instructor in the United States Marines.

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