Forget Climate Change: Why Hasn’t Obama Addressed the Massive “Unstoppable” Gas Leak in Cali?

While Obama spent weeks apprising us before, during, and after of the UN climate talks in Paris which are set to cost developed nations upwards of $100 billion dollars a year — an estimated $170 billion to US GDP in 2030 — all so they can lower the planet’s temperature a whole 1.5 degrees… Have you heard the man say anything about the massive “unstoppable” methane leak in California that’s been happening this whole time? They’re calling it the worst environmental disaster since the BP oil spill. No one has any idea how to stop or fix it.

Punchline? This leak has put out the equivalent of what six coal fired power plants (the ones Obama wants to regulate out of existence) would put out in 20 YEARS while the UN climate change talks in Paris were going down and it’s still spewing methane into the air like a volcano right now. The president who cares so much about the environment hasn’t mentioned it once.

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