Food Stamp Riots Within Days

The perfect storm is brewing. Obama’s last stand as the Salinskyite Community Organizer in Chief has a finger on the trigger of mass unrest. When Obama took office in 2008, 28.2 million Americans were receiving Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits or SNAP. That number has grown to roughly 45 million under the only President in history to not see one year of 3% GDP growth.

Earlier this year it was widely reported that possibly up to a million of the country’s poorest welfare recipients would lose their benefits. Under a welfare policy signed sealed and delivered by none other than Bill Clinton. The Fiscal Times reports “Those affected are people aged 18 to 49 who aren’t disabled or raising minor children. Most of them live a subsistence existence, scraping by with the help of government and charitable organizations and low income jobs, although college students are also eligible.

The landmark 1996 bipartisan welfare reform law crafted by a Republican Congress and signed by Democratic president Bill Clinton limited benefits for this group to just three months in any 36-month period unless they were employed or in a work-training program.”

Of course that was pre Obamaphone/Obamacare. Here we are 20 years later and those chickens have come home to roost as the government has reportedly neglected to pay the EBT benefits for 8 days.

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