Florida Attorney Claiming to be Implanted with Microchip Suspended

Tim O’Keefe | Waking Up Wisconsin

On March 31, the Florida Bar announced the suspension of Attorney Janice L. Jennings, who claims to have been involuntarily implanted with a microchip, after her failure to submit to a mental health evaluation. At a widely unreported hearing in May of 2014, Jennings made the claim that opposing counsel John W. Campbell was “torturing” and manipulating her through a microchip implanted in the “area of her left ear”.

Perhaps equally as interesting was the court’s response to her statements, swiftly enacting an emergency suspension, effective Aug. 1, 2014. The suspension was classified as temporary and indefinite in length, allowing Jennings the potential to return, but only after participating in a mental health evaluation with a Bar-approved private psychologist, and entering into a rehabilitation contract. It is relatively easy to find news stories related to Jennings’ radical statements, yet it is difficult to determine whether the court ever seriously investigated her filing. I found only one official comment in regard to Jennings’ right to Due Process, made by Arne Vanstrum, associate director of lawyer regulation, who stated that Janice Jennings “is afforded a certain amount of due process before we can affect her ability to practice,”. Mr Vanstrum does not explain why Mrs Jennings is only entitled to a ‘certain amount’ of her constitutional right.

As reported by The Ledger,Jennings’ account of having a microchip “illegally implanted” in her head is a claim that she has been making for over a decade. According to Jennings, the implantation was somehow arranged by her former employer Bob Butterworth, a former Sheriff and the 33rd Attorney General of Florida. Butterworth says he does not remember Jennings but adds “its a shame… You really have to be concerned about the people she’s repre­sent­ing.” Amazingly, Jennings claim didn’t come into the spotlight until 2014, even though she had apparently been filing complaints all along. If Jennings is to be believed, it is unknown how  Attorney John W Campbell, who she claimed uses the microchip to torture her, would have access to said microchip. In Jennings’ 2014 9-page suit, she said this of Campbell:

“While I am the object of this type of electronic torture and all that comes with it, made possible by illegally implanted microchips, because I stood up for the federally protected civil rights against a former employer who is a former sheriff, I have not, until encountering Campbell, had this level of harm meted out against me for advocating my client’s civil rights claims,”

As of April ’15, it seems clear that Jennings does not intend to undergo a mental health evaluation or submit to rehabilitation. She apparently does not trust the motives of the Florida Bar in their oversight of her evaluation, which may be justified seeing as a faction of the Bar is the target of her bizarre accusations.

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