FBI Surrounds Elderly Mans Farm who Collects Artifacts

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The FBI has surrounded the home of a 91-year-old Indiana man who collected archeological artifacts over his lifetime.

The FBI would not say if the man would face charges for his collection. Dozens of agents were at Miller’s farm to collect and process the artifacts.

Some of the pieces may have been acquired improperly.

Federal agents said they are looking through thousands of artifacts owned by Don Miller, who contacted them.

The combination of Native American artifacts as well as items from indigenous tribes of other nations.

Miller has amassed his collection over the past 80 years and includes items from Italy, China and Australia. He also ran a museum of sorts out of his farm.

Miller has been fully cooperative so far and he is not considered a criminal suspect.

FBI spokesperson agent Drew Northern said that although there is a large F.B.I. presence in the area, there is no public threat.

Mr. Miller does have a large collection of artifacts. We are working with him to help repatriate some of those items, Basically what that means is that treaties, federal laws and statutes dictate who can have these types of items. Mr. Miller has been collecting for a long time as everyone knows and he wants to make sure they go back to where they belong,” Northern said.

Federal and local law enforcement locked down the farm.

Archaeologists and anthropologists have been brought in to help catalog the items. They will then decide if any were stolen or need to be repatriated to the indigenous tribes they came from.

Authorities said it could take up to a week to sort through everything.