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Kristan T. Harris | June 26. 2013 | 7:04pm

FBI Considers 40 Tons of GMO Set On Fire In Oregon As Economic Sabotage! NBC VIDEO CONFIRMS Reports!

The FBI considers this a felony. The internet boards are full of chatter about the 40 tons of GMO which was destoryed in Oregon. However state police say no one is talking. Recent Studies showed that 70% of rats died prematurely most grew 2/3 the normal size and with huge tumors on their necks.


GMO’s which stand for genetically modified seeds are synthetic seeds developed to create a natural pesticide. The United States FDA approved this product with only 90 days of testing. Longer tests have come shown devastating results. It causes cancer in our body. Its in almost all our food and  most things with Hi-Fructose Corn Syrup.

The media refused to publicize the millions who went to the streets to walk against Monsanto. Cancer is up in some instances 10,000% and this is definitely a contributer. This is Bilderberg pre-planned style genocide.

NBC Reports!