FBI Arrest Utah Man For Extreme Hate of Federal Government

Should Americans Be Arrested for Their Political Ideology?

Kristan T. Harris  | American Intelligence Report


Under cover agents arrested Keebler for  attempting to blow up a government BLM building with dummy explosives provided by the FBI, a CBS affiliate reports. 

The Federal Bureau of Investigations arrested and searched the home of a Stockton, Utah man who allegedly who extremely upset with the federal government, CBS affiliate KUTV reports .

CBS claims the man at the center of the FBI investigation, Bill Keebler, is also a friends with the Finnicum and Bundy families, who defended their land rights from an out of control Bureau of Land Management at the Bundy Ranch standoff.

The FBI still have not released a reason for the arrest and search of Keebler and his property, however, authorities may be inquiring about Keebler’s organization of a militia.

Facebook post’s from November, 2015,  show Bill Keebler recruiting like-minded patriots to form a militia community. Although organizing a militia is not illegal, the fact that the militia is being developed to protect people from disaster, or our own Federal government may have caught the eye of investigators.

Keebler was also seeking out funding for his militia to take back America, at least one Facebook post suggests. He encouraged people to learn about prepping and attempted to motivate patriots to get involved suggesting, “this country can not be fixed by down loading an app. or playing with your keyboards.”

So what is the difference between a Bill Keebler and former police Chief Mark Kessler, creator of the “Libtard videos,” who was preparing for a Waco like attack on his home? Kessler announced he was working for the Feds trying expose activists with anti-government viewpoints who may come to his aid, which came out and ended his dance with the media.

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