Family Robots are Coming to a Home Near You

Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live

20140805003203-lean_rotation3Meet Jibo the real “family robot” that will read your children bedtime stories, learn your emotions, and is described as your “best camera man”.

The machine is a “hands free helper”, that can “intelligently track all actions around you, independantly take video, photos” and is built with a platform so that it’s “skills keep expanding”.

Jibo will interact with humans and other electronic devices such as tablets, cell phones and other wireless technology.

The creators described Jibo’s social ability to interact with people as being “one of the family” and a “great wing man”.

Jibo’s exterior design was influenced, like many other robots, by Hollywood. The android has been built to look like Wall-E’s girlfriend, the fictional Pixar character giving it a friendly and familiar look.



Research into the droid was backed by $5.59 Million backed by Charles River Ventures, Fairhaven Capital Partners, Osage University Partners, and angel backers according to Forbes.

While Jibo’s recent crowdfunding campaign raised more than $1.6 million from more than 3,600 people funding the project with only 4  days left to sign up.

The Boston-based company stated they do not know how popular In-Home Robots will be, but expect to deliver their first shipment of robots, priced at $499 each, by the winter of 2015.