Evidence Proves There’s an Ocean Deep Inside the Earth, Maybe Life


Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live

ringwooditeIf the reports are true, diamond expert Graham Pearson of the University of Alberta has recently discovered the chemical makeup of an extremely rare gemstone called ringwoodite providing evidence that oceans exist hundreds of miles beneath the Earth. University tests show that roughly 1.5 percent of the ringwoodite’s weight was made up of trapped water. Results published in Nature.  Pearson was looking for volcanic rocks when he found the gemstone. This suggests that the gem most likely came up with a volcanic eruption, quickly pushed it up to the surface.

“It was a piece of luck, this discovery, as are many scientific discoveries,” Pearson said.

Ringwoodite is created when olivine is highly pressurized. Olivine is found most commonly within the earths mantle. Ringwoodite has previously been found in meteorites, but until now had never been found in a sample of the Earth’s mantle. The deepest depths of the ocean are roughly 100 kilometers. This piece of ringwoodite was originally from an area between 410 and 660 kilometers beneath the Earth’s surface known as the “transition zone.”

The finding “confirms predictions from high-pressure laboratory experiments that a water reservoir comparable in size to all the oceans combined is hidden deep in Earth’s mantle,” according to an analysis of Pearson’s findings by Hans Keppler of the University of Bayreuth in Germany. Pearson suggests that there’s water deep beneath the Earth’s surface—a lot of it.

Image: University of Alberta

Pearson offers two possible explanations for water within the ringwoodite.

“In one, water within the ringwoodite reflects inheritance from a hydrous, diamond-forming fluid, from which the inclusion grew as a syngenetic phase. In this model, the hydrous fluid must originate locally, from the transition zone, because there is no evidence that the lower mantle contains a significant amount of water,” he wrote. Essentially, the extreme pressure and chemical makeup at those depths spontaneously creates water.

“Alternatively, the ringwoodite is ‘protogenetic,’ that is, it was present before encapsulation by the diamond and its water content reflects that of the ambient transition zone,” Pearson wrote. In that model, the water and the ringwoodite are already there, and the ringwoodite absorbs some of the water. Either way you slice it, there is a lot of water in the transition zone: “Both models implicate a transition zone that is at least locally water-rich,” he wrote.

argathaWe have seen structures on the floor of the ocean hundreds of feet below sea level. Where did all the water come from? This evidence will undoubtedly reignite discussion around the “Hollow Earth theory” The Nazi’s believed the Hollow Earth Theory to be an unquestionable truth. If there is water that deep within the Earth, is there life?

The Hollow Earth theory suggests gravity comes from the crust of the Earth and not the core since majority of the mass would be in the crust. Many ancient religions speak of voyages to the hollow earth. Even legitimate historic figures such as Admiral Byrd who wrote in his diary of his visit to “the hollow earth” .  His 1947 Arctic expedition has been withheld from history books.

Admiral Byrd’s connections and funding by secret societies, such as the Illuminati, are published. Paymaster, John D. Rockefeller and his pals funded Admiral Byrds expeditions. The Rockefellers are Nazi collaborators who funded doctor of horror, Joseph Mengele’s experiments.


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