Evidence Proves Giant Race of Humans Roamed The Earth


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wisconsingian A few years back I stumbled upon vintage Wisconsin newspaper articles that proclaimed “Giant skeletons unearthed”. At first glance you would think this is “the Onion”, however it was the New York Times. I began to dig deeper and as i searched i have found over a thousand newspaper articles exposing unearthed  Giant human skeletons. So the logical conclusion was if these giants where real, there is evidence out there.
jimvieraancientamericanmagazineJim Vieira, researcher and writer for Ancient American Magazine, reached out to me after I put together a piece on Wisconsin giants for SouthMilwaukeeNow. Jim also runs “Your Daily Giant” Jim has devoted his free time to exposing these phenomenon and educating others about Stone builders, Mound builders and the Giants of Ancient America. The evidence of an ancient race is everywhere. In legend and in science.  Jim as well, is a collector of these odd Giant newspaper articles.  Many of these articles have credible institutes and scientists who can traced to colleges or respectable institutes. Such as the Smithsonian institute.



Discoveries like this one found in the local Texas newspaper archives often tie real finds into the Smithsonian institute. The thought that a race of 18 Ft. tall giants would bring some answers to unexplained architecture and legends such as the pyramids,cyclops and even goliath. It is not uncommon for these skeletons to go missing or pulled from museums. So why the cover-up? Stew Webb claimed on our show the Smithsonian council has ties to Skull & Bones/Illuminati. Secret societies treasure secret knowledge. That’s how they stay elite and advanced. The Smithsonian claims the tallest man in modern recorded history was 8 ft 11, even given there is irrefutable evidence including skeletons, proving otherwise. .

NewYork190915ftMayan history expert Bruce Fenton believes they have discovered pyramids previously mistaken for mountains and that evidence points to this being the  “Lost City Of Giants”. He believes there is Sumerian ties to this location halfway across the globe. He also talks about the HUGE tools left by this former race in the “City of The Gods”.Hugehammer In the picture to the right you see what appears to be an ancient hammer. The fact that these ancient civilizations matched pyramids up with the stars and could make concrete 3 times better than anything we have today is mind-boggling. Ancient man may have been just as smart, if not smarter than we are today.




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    My theory is “Stone Hedge” was built as a means for a race of giants to have a place to sit on while having a meeting. Also, the statues on “Easter Island” was moved and placed where they are located by giants. They were strong enough to lift and carry them.