Everything You Need To Know About Edward Snowden

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Edward Snowden, a hero to some and a traitor to others, has gained prominence for his leak of government data. So how did he gain access to these documents, and what’s happened to him now?

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The Great SIM Heist: How Spies Stole The Keys To The Encryption Castle
“The breach, detailed in a secret 2010 GCHQdocument, gave the surveillance agencies the potential to secretly monitor a large portion of the world’s cellular communications, including both voice and data.”

UPDATE 3-Hack gave U.S. and British spies access to billions of phones – Intercept
“A European security source said that mobile devices were widely used by terrorist groups and that intelligence agencies’ attempts to access the communications were justified if they were ‘authorised, necessary and proportionate.'”

Edward Snowden’s digital ‘misuse’ has created problems, says Ban Ki-moon
“Ban said that privacy was a fundamental principle and he also emphasised the importance of freedom of speech and information. But he went on to say that ‘as we spend greater time and put more information into all different types of communications, like for example social media, individuals have to show more responsibility. The rights gained by this new right of access should not be misused, it should be used responsibly.'”

Photo Courtesy: UK Ministry of Defense

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