Ebola Jumpsuit On Display At New York Fashion Week

John Vibes | ANTIMEDIA

I’m too sexy for… Ebola?

Although it seems that Ebola is not as much of a problem for people in America as originally thought, the Ebola hysteria continues to circulate in the mainstream media.

The hype has gotten so extreme that Ebola suits are now being exhibited at fashion shows. Last week, at the New York Fashion Week event, wedding dress designer Jill Andrews unveiled her design for an Ebola jumpsuit. Critics overwhelmingly applauded the creation for its practical design, rather than its looks.

Adams worked with a team at Johns Hopkins University to engineer the suit, which is designed to protect from infectious contamination. The suit is actually one of five finalists in the U.S. Agency for International Development search for more effective disease-fighting tools.

The suit will be targeted at health care workers, and it actually does have some distinct advantages over similar suits that have been used in the past. While the old suits took over 20 minutes to remove, the new one takes just 5 minutes, and it is actually more protective as well.

It is certainly a positive thing that time and energy is being put into making these types of suits better and more effective, but it is without a doubt a very strange pick for a fashion event.

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