Does Pleading Insanity Work?

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Some of the most famous mass murderers have pleaded insanity, but it rarely works in their favor. So why is it so hard to prove insanity?

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Mentally Ill, but Insanity Plea Is Long Shot
“Slouched over in the striped gray shirt that he has worn for much of his murder trial, his piercing stare disconcertingly fixed at the courtroom walls at times, David Tarloff can appear like one of the few killers whose claim to an insanity defense might be deserved.”

A Crime of Insanity
“The public tends to believe that criminals who plead not guilty by reason of insanity, or NGRI, are taking the easy way out, that they’re cheating the system, that they walk away from their crimes scot-free.”

The Insanity Defense Among the States
“Four states, including Kansas, Montana, Idaho, Utah, do not allow the insanity defense. In other states, the standards for proving this defense vary widely. The following provides the status of the insanity defense in each jurisdiction.”

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The Disappearing Ice Caves of Alaska

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