Does It Cost More To Be A Woman?

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A survey found that women pay an extra $1,300 a month compared to men, due to a gender discriminatory pricing. What’s with this “pink tax”?

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The Secret Tax Screwing Women Out of Thousands of Dollars Over a Lifetime
“Thought the wage gap was the biggest strain on your lady wallet?”

Can Gender Differentiated Actuarial Factors Still Be Used When Determining Premiums And Benefits Under Insurance Contracts?
“The European Court of Justice (“ECJ”) gave its much awaited ruling in the Test Achats case on 1 March 2011.”

Factsheet: EU rules on gender-neutral pricing in insurance
“From 21 December 2012, insurance companies in the European Union will have to charge the same price to men and women for the same insurance products, without distinction on the grounds of sex. ”

France To Investigate ‘The Invisible Women’s Tax’
“France’s finance ministry will investigate why products that are targeted to women cost more than ones targeted to men, following a petition that gathered over 30,000 signatures.”

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