Does A Super Elite Group Really Rule The World?

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Does A Super Elite Group Really Rule The World?

There may be a group of people living a life of luxury because of an unfair advantage. Does the system that we’ve created ensure their luxurious lifestyle?

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Just How Nepotistic Are We?:

“THERE is a very real chance that the presidential election in 2016 will pit Jeb Bush against Hillary Clinton. According to oddsmakers, this is the likeliest outcome.”

Bill Gates To Invest $2 Billion In Renewables:

“In an interview with the Financial Times, Gates said that current renewables will not be able to keep up with energy growth: ‘There’s no battery technology that’s even close to allowing us to take all of our energy from renewable and be able to use battery storage in order to deal not only with the 24-hour cycle but also with long periods of time where it’s cloudy and you don’t have sun or you don’t have wind.'”

The Intergenerational Transmission of Employers:

“The nature and extent of the relationship between the adult success of children and their family background is of longstanding interest in the social sciences and public policy. In large part this reflects the idea that the strength of the tie between parent and child outcomes is an interesting characterization of a society, revealing the degree to which inequality is transmitted across the generations and in a broad sense speaking to the notion of equality of opportunity.”

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