Do Labor Unions Still Matter?


Labor Union membership in the United States has fallen steadily since the 1960s. Today, with so few American workers belonging to a union, many argue that they should be done away with altogether. So are labor unions still useful?

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Viewpoint: The Decline of Unions Is Your Problem Too
“A mere 11.3% of workers now belong to a union, and a great chunk of those are in the shrinking public sector. In the private sector, unionization fell to an abysmal 6.6%, down from a peak of 35% during the 1950s.”

Unions, inequality, and faltering middle-class wages
“The last decade has also been characterized by increased wage inequality between workers at the top and those at the middle, and by the continued divergence between overall productivity and the wages or compensation of the typical worker.”

2015 Bureau of Labor Statistics report on union membership

2013 Bureau of Labor Statistics report comparing differences in union and nonunion pay

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