DNC Day 3 Shillary’s Hypocrisy Stooges

Day Three from the convention of the demagogues. And Shillary brought out the heaviest guns in her stockpile of BS artists. Although the house still remained divided. The democrats poured the hypocrisy on thick. Democratic Candidate for Vice President Tim Kaine laid into Donald Trump, disregarding the skeletons in his own closet. Specific skeletons being Kaine’s ties with the Muslim Brotherhood, 160 K in kickbacks and his admiration for the TPP and all things global.

Boos and Cries of “No More War” and “Lies” met former UN war hawk CIA Director Leon Panetta. And then the top global pawns came out.

The DNC ran an ad offering to pay $50 for anyone to come out and fill the seats vacated by the Sanders supporters and any seats that were empty to begin with. While on the outside Wiki Leaks was dropping more DNC emails and mp3s of DNC voicemails adding to the DNC plot to favor Shillary over Bernie.

Meanwhile Bernie Sanders, taking the wiki leaks revelations detailing the knife the DNC drove into his back with a grain of salt. Dropped Democrat from his moniker and went back to his old party of Independents.

And then, the man who laid the groundwork for Shillary’s financial raping of the Secretary of State department and her potential dictatorship over what’s left of the $20 Trillion indebted American economy spoke in subtle tones of socialism and division.

And just like that, the constitution ravaging beast known as President Barack Obama passed the baton over to the greatest threat the United States has ever faced…New World Order General Hillary Rodham Clinton.

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