Dissecting The Propaganda: ‘Contagion’

Released in 2011, the medical- thriller/disaster film Contagion monitors the hypothetical ‘MEV-1’ pandemic triggering a dystopian toppling of social order. While medical researchers and public health officials struggle to formulate a vaccine to contest the virus, Alan Krumwiede — emphatically a conspiracy theorist — purports a homeopathic remedy: forsythia. After recently studying Contagion, quite abhorrently, in school, its subtle implications of Pavlovian conditioning and assimilation propose an opportunity too significant to passively overlook. That’s why I’m here. I’ll analyze about one dozen of the movie’s scenes and bring to light their elusively positioned propaganda. Hopefully you’ll interpret a coherent message and deduce the true volatility of Contagion’s propaganda. Remember that while the format changes, the model remains consistent: there is a ‘disaster’, its victims act emotively and willingly sign off and suspend their rights. Then, those ‘privileges’ are further eroded and never reciprocated. Let’s take a look!

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