Disabled Woman Thrown by Milwaukee Police

Milwaukee police refuse to identify themselves while using force to make an arrest during a protest against police brutality. Coincidentally, it is this sort of police behavior that was being protested. The march was in support of Derek Williams, who died while in Milwaukee police custody. Protesters are upset that none of the arresting officers will face criminal charges in Williams death.

I don’t have much info on this clip other then the above, the woman can be heard yelling “I’m disabled” and  “Call Khalil” a well known Milwaukee activist.

Personal tip while recording police try to engage them as little as possible and do not speak to them unless commanded to.

Keep the cameras rolling, help spread this mistreatment, even if the woman committed a crime it was unnecessary force at best.


Occupy Milwaukee



  • Mia

    This is the exact reason that protesters are voicing their disatisfaction of Police escaping charges, when they are warranted and obvious!

  • Todd Rettke

    They said the woman was arrested for a felony charge of Fleeing an officer and resisting arrest for not opening her car door when ordered to do so. Her actions are really worth it now hey! This video will help get her convicted in court! I hope she goes to prison for a long time. There is no order in this City and the protests aren’t helping at all only making things worse for the cause of justice. When are all of you going to learn!

    • sam

      Felony for not opening her door????? Really?