DHS Vehicles and Helicopters Invade Small Town

Mike Paczesny | The Rundown Live livingston-il-feds-swarm-homeland-security-2

Residents in Livingston, IL,  were shocked to see agents from Department of Homeland Security(DHS), US Customs, Border Patrol and local police agencies swarm a field belonging to a grade school.

The town with a population of about 850 seemed to be a staging center for an unknown event.

Authorities routinely stage unannounced drills, often in the middle of the night, which terrify startled residents.

Critics have asserted that Americans are being conditioned to accept military-style policing as a routine occurrence.

The school superintendent said he was not given any information about the operation beforehand.

The US Attorney’s Office refused to release any information on the purpose behind the operation. A local resident told KTVI:

“When all the armored trucks started showing up and everything it made me kind of nervous.”

One child said the spectacle was “pretty cool” and that agents invited the local children to check out the choppers up close, but where not allowed inside due to the presence of weapons inside the helicopters.

KTVI labeled the presence of the feds a “mystery” although it was rumored it may have been used as a staging ground for a raid on a house three miles away.

The number of feds present, with the addition of multiple armored vehicles, and military-style choppers, doesn’t seem to fit the idea of conducting a raid on a single house.

It even suggests overkill and will raises more concerns to the increasing militarization of US law enforcement.