Days Leading Up to 9/11 Accused Hijackers Were Living 2 Miles Away From NSA Headquarters in Maryland


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Kristan T. Harris | October 16th, 2013 |  

It seems the NSA has the golden “get out of jail free” ticket. It turns out the 9/11 commission completely overlooked the NSA in their investigation on the world trade center. At the time, in 2001.  The NSA was the biggest intelligence agency and biggest collector of information. Not even an inquiry on what these terrorist’s phone conversations where about.

The NSA has yet to answer the question to this day if they knew the terrorists where in the united states and why they did not alarm other agencies that these individuals where in the country. The NSA was picking up actual communications between hijackers while they where in the united states and they never told anyone and possibly worse yet, allowed 9/11 to happen. The Hijackers carefree sent money back to Bin Laden a few blocks NSA headquarters.

Are we really supposed to believe the terrorists who planned the attack from a cave out smarted the NSA by living a few blocks from the NSA headquarters? ?

The NSA has yet to be questioned and another reason why we need a independent investigation.