Dashcam video released in case of man who claims he was beaten by police over gum

MILWAUKEE – After a month long investigation, MPD found two officers did not cross the line when they arrested Jordon Cain back in January. The I-TEAM has the first look from the dashcam video as police explain how they came to their conclusion.

The video of Jordon Cain being arrested clearly shows a struggle. Cain insisted the officers used excessive force during this arrest. But an internal affairs investigation found that was not the case.

The video only shows part of the confrontation. Inspector William Jessup talked about why there was video, but no audio, on the dashcam.

“I don’t have the details in front of me,” Jessup said. “I believe the audio was functioning, but not within the pocket of the officer.

Despite images of Cain’s badly bruised face from the take down, that included the use of pepper spray, Inspector Jessup says the investigation was revealing.

“We know the injury was not that serious,” he said.

The officers say they stopped Cain for expired tags.

“One officer observed Cain put what he believed to be narcotics in his mouth,” Jessup added.

In an attempt to recover the drugs, police say this struggle ensued.

When asked if officers ever found drugs on Cain, Jessup responded, “The officers were focused on getting him medical attention to prevent him from being harmed from whatever he ingested. We’ve since made request from Mr. Cain for hospital records to determine what he had ingested. Mr. Cain won’t release those records to us.”

Cain refused to talk to internal affairs for the investigation, based on the advice of his attorney. He maintains he did not have drugs that day. He is charged with resisting arrest.

Due to privacy laws, police have to subpoena his drug test from the hospital.