Dan Malloy Confrontation – Enforce or Repeal Unconstitutional Gun Law

Dan Malloy recently held a public town hall meeting in East Hartford where CT residents can ask questions or voice their opinions to him personally. Steve from We Are Change CT took the opportunity to ask Malloy about what is going to be done with the massive number of CT residents who did not register their now illegal weapons.

It was no surprise that Malloy chose to dodge the question completely, as well as state firmly that he will not repeal the unconstitutional gun law (SB 1160), no matter how many people are in violation of this law. Then he felt the need to make some silly faces to someone sitting in the front row, as if he was proud with dodging a serious question.

Video/Edit: Steve Boutelle
Additional Video: Palin Smith (http://www.youtube.com/user/PALINSMITH)

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